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I'm a general building contractor with a back ground in physics.

This blog was created with the hope of showing a few friends what technical trading was about, but it soon became obvious to me that expressing my analysis was very helpful to me as a trader. I encourage you to keep some type of trading journal. .

My understanding of indicators is extensive, and I have written several very good indicators of my own.
My code is Open Source. If you see something that interests you I will gladly share it, so long as it is not from a confidential collaboration. If you have an idea you would like written in ThinkScript please allow me to assist. (Rest assured that it will be kept private if that is your wish )  Sorry I am no longer writing code.

Open Source is beneficial to all of us. 
Please join me in support of Wikipedia. Click on this link to read a message from Jimmy Wales

Trend Lines & Channels, Andrews Pitchforks, Candlesticks, Volume Profile and Fibonacci are used in my analysis. These help me deliver one of the most precise analysis you will ever find.

While I have written many studies, I feel that fewer is better and keeping your game simple is best.

I do not rely on Elliott Wave, but I do count waves and respect the system.

If you would like to know more, please ask.

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