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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We broke the 876 level, and met the resistance.

We have finished wave i of C. We are currently in a small wave ii retrace to the Fibonacci target between 881 & 888 before we head back down on wave iii. We will have to see where wave iii takes us, then set a more accurate target for the bottom of Intermediate B which I've previously calculated to be near 846.

I had some concern that this could be the bottom, but I doubt it. I've included a very detailed count of today market in the chart below, and the count seems to fit a correction rather than an impulse wave.

The NYSE closed with the Euro at 1.3875 afterward the Euro tanked but recovered. The chart included below shows a bearish trend, so I'm comfortable on many fronts that the SPX has further downside. Looking at this 4 hour chart I can see the a similar EW position.

An finally let me leave you with an Ichimoku M30. Heavy cloud cover should continue to force this market down.

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