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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alt Count

Daneric is looking for an expanding triangle, and said P2 would be a bear killer, which is exactly what I acknowledged in my last post. I was afraid to take another short, but did it because I realized that is the way it should feel at the top.

But now I have second thoughts and wish I had waited. Elliottians have been suckered into counting top after top since March. Everything looked like it was going to fall into place on Friday until 12:30 EST when we advanced past 1014. In my haste I failed to see the bonus wave.

There is no denying we have an extra wave at 1018, just 4 points above the previous high, but that extra wave is fairly difficult to explain. The problem lies with the overlap of (wave i and wave iv). It makes alternate counts quite difficult.

I've seen Danerics Expanding Triangle, and while it may be correct I wanted to share this Alternate count. If we make a new high this may be the scenario to go with. In any case the first barrier to break will be 970.

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  1. The short term count is a mess. I agree with your post.

  2. Nice blog you have started here :)

  3. Thanks Pedram, I'm almost to my breaking point. Over and over it looks like we have come to the end. July has erased all my profits for the year.

    I have never felt such fear of taking a trade. At that moment I thought to myself, this is the psychology of fear and greed. Recognizing that I did the the trade.

    But if we make a new high I will take the loss, and come back to score later. You did the right thing. You, Mika and Rich have the right attitude. I need to learn how to enjoy life beyond trading. It's consuming my life.

    But I'm glad you are back! It's good to have a second opinion.


  4. If you ever get a chance read Trading in the zone by Mark douglas. It is absoulutly the best book on trading psychology out there. I became a profitable trader after I read that book.


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