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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'd like to thank

Le Chiffre,
Michael Eckert,aka-Columbia1 ,
static age,
mauro24 ,
Entreprenørfirma ,
OneChiOnly ,
Filipe Miguel ,
Michael ,
HD ,
Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble,
donghan wang
and a few Anonymous posts

for your encouragement, and help throughout the year. Some of you know I have your e-mail address, but the rest of you might wish to send me your address, because I may go private very soon. The private site is already up, and this site may soon become a ghost blog.

Send an e-mail to and please place Fibonacci in the subject.

I looked at my Blog stats, and I see that I have about 100 people who visit once a day and 50 people who return several times a day. So many of you must find something useful. Too bad you can't express that!

I did not check these stats to see how popular I might be. I wanted to know how many of you sorry ass sponges can not find it within yourselves to make even the smallest effort to acknowledge my work.

In fact, if you have not left a comment during the last year I wish you would go away and never return. You are not welcome here.

Happy New Year to all my supporters, and piss on the rest of you.

Bob Campbell
AKA KumoBob Cloud Trader


  1. Oh my apologies. I'm incredibly new at this and learning, learning, learning. Your site is quite interesting, although I'll admit I don't understand all of it. Best wishes for a profitable new year. Karen

  2. Thank you Karen. I would like to take the time to answer any questions about the indicators I use. They are not you standard studies.

    I've embellished the studies I use to relay at a glance what the market is doing, but without knowing what I've created; the colors, dots and arrows would be meaningless.

    Several of my studies require a fare amount of experience to understand as they are part of a trading system.

  3. No, they are not standard studies - which is the reason I have your site bookmarked and visit often. I get very uncomfortable when I see everyone calling the same thing. Your commentary makes me think :) Karen


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