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Monday, January 25, 2010


The DDF made this area green 10:30 EST

Price is getting close to the upper tine.
22:50 PST

We need to wait for the open to get the lay for tomorrow, but so far it's looking weak. The EUR/USD has got to decide tonight. I favor the purple fork

17:37 PST
Wow, I wish everyday would work so well! I called a bullish bias for today and it was. But the color was yellow and that came true too as yellow means sideways and today was contained withing the range of the first five minutes of trading.

Here is an update on the EUR/USD. It appears that one side of the fork has completes and a fall back to my forecast tine can be expected.

10:44 PST
I finally got the DDF Accumulation Companion to do what I wanted. It's now available on Share-TOS.

08:15 PST
This is the M60 SPX.
All appears to be going well and on track for the Bears.
PPS is bearish
MoneySpy is Bearish
Ichimoku is Bearish with resistance above at 1102 and 1120
Woodies CCI is trending Bearish but price is above the LSMA which is of little concern
Not shown is the Multiple moving averages of the Fish which is begining to show some green.

So if I have the EW correctly counted it looks like a wave 4 in progress an 5 yet to come.

07:30 PST

For those who have downloaded my Clayburgs Directional Day Filter study I'd like to show you the difference between reading from the SPX and the /ES. As you can see they give different results. But I've found the SPX to be more reliable.

The Sub-chart is something I'm currently working on. It graphs the amount of activity above and below the yellow line. It's giving me grief and at this time I still need to manually enter the value of the yellow line.
My take on this today is a Bullish day ahead.

Looking to the Andrews Pitchfork on the /ES we can see that Price has touched the center line. Resistance here can be expected, but there is a possibility of heading to the top tine of the fork.
I'll admit I'm finding it difficult the arrange the fork on the SPX.
In any case the market still appears to be bearish for the longer term.

I'll make updates with the Ichimoku, MoneySpy and other indicators later this morning.

Analysis presented on this Blog has only informational, and educational purpose, and does not represent a proposal for buying or selling currency contracts.

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