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Monday, February 22, 2010


17:50 PST

This by the way is the DDF for the /ES.
Could you ask for a better forecast?
Forecast Bearish - Please notice the daily range.
This is the SPX
Forecast Bearish - Notice the range
And here is the EUR/USD
Forecast Bullish to Neutral
I got up late this morning and wondered why I feel responsible for posting these charts in a timely fashion. If my readers were interested, and found value in my studies they would surely ask for the code or at the very least let me know that they were of value.

So I made a decision that the morning forecast no longer something I would feel responsible for. Like I've said this blog is not for anyone but me. It's my diary or log of my ongoing TA. I once thought I was providing a service but now I'm simply letting you view my ideas and methods which may be detrimental to your trading!

I've noticed how the popularity of my Blog ebbs and flows with the market. When the market is in high volatility I see a lot of readers and when it feels safe readership falls off. So why is that? Do people come looking for someone else to agree with their position? I'm not sure but it's probably not good.

I too blog hop, but only to open my mine to something I may not have seen. I also like to explore new indicators or ways of looking at the ones I already use. Certainly too many indicators will become a distraction but why would I assume Persons, Clayburn, Ehlers or someone else has not discovered a new way of looking at the market that works? Did you like the Kagi chart? I discovered it about a month ago and have found it quite valuable.

Elliott Wave... You've got to love it, but really folks; has it been all that good recently? With the many indicators available there are a few that never let us down. Right now looking at the SPX can anyone say tell me what the count is? We could go to 1130 or we could gap down tomorrow. Elliott Wave is the best 20/20 hind sight indicator I know of.

Sorry for the rant, but I hope I've given you something to think about.

13:45 PST
Looking at the /ES I get that we may have higher prices coming. It all depends on where you place those fourth wave corrections.

11:30 PST

I think we may have found wave iv.

10:30 PST

09:30 PST
The 60 minute Kagi chart has turned bearish for the second time since the 1044 low

08:20 PST

My indicators are mixed this morning. DDF is bearish and I get that that bias will prevail. Today will probably decide the fate of this weeks trend. Breaking 1097 will be critical for the bears.

Analysis presented on this Blog has only informational, and educational purpose, and does not represent a proposal for buying or selling currency contracts.

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