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Thursday, February 18, 2010


13:15 PST

This count looks solid. Breaking the Green fork from 12 July will be confirmation. This line is now crossing at the magic 1070 zone.

All indicators furnished a very good forecast today. Woodies Pivots called the top at 1108.
The Daily MoneySpy created a red bar today, indicating a possible peak today.

You may recall I warned you to hold onto your hat. Looking at the /ES it appears we may gap down tomorrow.

23:00 PST

If Friday brings the beginning of Minute [iii] we may see some support at 1097 and then 1070.

12:20 PST

This appears to be a possible end to minute wave [ii]. Hold on to your hat if it is!.

08:oo PST

All indicators are Bullish.

DDF is indicating a Bullish Bias for the day.
Persons Pivots and Woodies Pivots are in agreement for an upper pivot of 1104.75
PPS is Bullish on both the Hourly and Daily charts.
I've adjusted the downward Andrews Pitchfork from the high of 1150. I still looks like the major trend is down. This is a large fork and placing the upper tine at around 1110 would still work.

The pattern leaves the count open to interpretation but it appears wave (c) of minute [ii] is close to completion.

The Ichimoku is Bullish on the Hourly chart and Neutral on the Daily. Price broke slightly through the resistance of the Kijun-sen.

MoneySpy is Bullish on both Hourly and Daily charts.

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