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Tuesday, February 9, 2010



The DDF and Persons Pivots MoneySpy and Ichimoku all performed beautifully today.
Pivot Points were respected, the day was Neutral to Bullish as the DDF predicted. and the Ichimoku was an absolute star. The hourly Kijun-sen teamed up with the lower span of the Daily Kumo and the upper span of the M30 Kumo to turn Price back precisely on the mark.

This next chart is the M30, Hourly and Daily side by side.
Notice the way each offers resistance

Man I forgot what a frickin chore it is to make EW charts!
There are two counts here. If we don't fall like a rock tomorrow I'd favor the Alt count because the other count has us in the third wave.

Oh don't let me forget to mention the perfection of Andrews Pitchforks!

12:20 PST

We might get a clue from the Euro.
This count appears to be a bit more clear. If so the fireworks should begin soon

12:00 PST

Still waiting for this pattern to resolve. Here are the two EWA possibilities I'm looking at.
This is why I've moved on from strictly using Elliott Wave. It's just so non-committal so much of the time. But by the end of the day I hope to know better what the count is.

The degrees are off but I did not want to redo this chart.

10:15 PST

I'm not saying this is certain, but the possibility exists and so we need to be watching for the opportunity. This chart is much more clear.

I've removed the previous alerts.

7:30 PST

DDF is indicating a Neutral to Bullish Bias for today. While the yellow line is centered the major amount of actions has accumulated above the yellow line giving this a mixed forecast.
DDF support is at 1060 and resistance is at 1072.

Persons Pivots places important pivot points at 1066 and 1047

This M60 chart shows the Green and a Blue forecast forks which I presented at least a week ago. Price has arrived at these forks.
It is also at the top tine of the near term downward fork (Magenta) A significant break below the longer term forks will tip the scale in favor of the Bears.

M60 MoneySpy is currently Bullish and oscillating over the zero line which is indicative of a correction. The Daily MoneySpy continues to hold Bearish for the long term forecast.

Ichimoku is Bearish, but price is between the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen on the Hourly chart. This is warning to the Bears.

The Ichimoku continues to present Bearish on the Daily chart and the Kijun-sen remains inside the Kumo.

Price is currently receiving resistance above from the M60 Kijun-sen and the Daily Tenkan-sen which have both turned flat.

Please note that I have removed the Kumo from these chart in order to more clearly see the Price. The Red and Green Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen remain visible.

Daily SPX

Hourly SPX

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