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Monday, March 15, 2010


23:23 I saw this URL on AMBG Trading - Highest change in one year since the 30's.

Did you believe the Neutral DDF forecast this morning?
White Spinning Top fits the DDF's Neutral forecast.

While it would seem that the market is beginning to weaken it's certainly not dead. This Spinning Top now requires another Black Candle confirmation before the Bears stand a chance.

I was feeling confident this morning that the Bears were going to walk away with the day. Price broke the Persons Pivots, the MOBO was red and the Yellow Fork was challenged, but the Bulls pulled it up in the last few minutes demolishing the Bearish appearance, and to answer yesterdays question. Yes the Bulls were able to pull one more white candle out of their bag.

Hey what did you think about the popcorn trick?

If this upward fork holds there is room for an advance to the handle again which
could take Price to 1200 if it does not fail first.

12:20 EST
Currently below the Persons Pivot and holding at the Woody and 50MA.
The MOBO has turned down and it would require breaking above 1149 to make a reversal.
Of course I'm watching for a break below the Yellow Fork at around 1130 (not shown). The Blue fork would require 1136.

11:47 Click here this will blow your mind

11:00 EST
The Bears squeaked a black candle in on the first hour.
DDF's bias neutral

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