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Friday, March 12, 2010


17:00 EST

This ED is probably just wishful thinking
But I'm hoping we put an end to this on Monday.
We may have just one more push to about 1160 before it turns.
Stay tuned I plan to post some Candle, Renko and Kagi charts later or tomorrow.

The Bears are forked again

10:30 EST

DDF is very Bearish
MOBO would turn Bearish if Price falls below 1140 on the 60 Minute chart
MoneySpy is Bullish, but it is showing a possible peak.
Ichimoku is still Bullish
The forks are still indicating an upward trend.

1135 is still the minimal required to turn the tide.

Analysis presented on this Blog has only informational, and educational purpose, and does not represent a proposal for buying or selling currency contracts.

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  1. Hi Bob, we haven't gone bankrupt yet in Greece. We have surge raise in prices, for example two months ago gasoline costed 1 euro per liter, now cost 1.50 euros per liter.


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