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Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday's close:

The forks are looking bullish. The down ward fork is will probably need to be adjusted up and serve only as an indicator of resistance.
The Bulls required and achieved a white candle to complete the buy signal after Friday ended with a Bullish Homing Pigeon Pattern.
The Kagi chart shows a continued rally with 1162 as the first level required to put any red on the chart

12:30 EST
Price is following the forecast fork. My dashboard has a lot of red.

11:30 EST

DDF is Bullish this morning.
Price has broken the top tine and started a new upward fork.
Candle Sticks are Bullish unless we close below Friday's Close.
Persons Pivots are currently holding.

On the hourly charts:
MOBO is Bullish
MoneySpy is Bullish
PPS is Bullish

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