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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


16:00 EST

Yesterday we closed with a Bullish Homing Pigeon Pattern, but today's Black Spinning Top did not confirm the pattern's Bullish reversal and leaves the markets without a clue.

The Forks are crossed and I don't see any good signal, but price has worked it's self into a corner.

12:30 EST
I just discovered something that really disturbs me. This is a 60 minute Profit chart and a 60 minute chart side by side. It appears to me that has inaccurate intraday candlesticks.

Luckily the Daily charts seem to be OK.

11:00 EST
Yesterday the market closed with a Bearish Spinning Top which created a Bearish Doji Star pattern. Confirmation will be required today from any Black Candle.

Currently on the hourly chart we have a Hirami which could indicate a Bullish Reversal. If a White Candle with a top body top over 1171.75 is created now. A Bullish Inside Three Up would then be created. The Bears need a Black Candle this hour.

The Kumo sits below with a flat bottom in the high 1166-1167 area. Should this be violated the Bears will have a chance to turn the market their way. Currently the Kumo appears to be supporting Price.

10:30 EST

DDF - Bearish

Andrews Pitchfork - The Yellow fork is holding
Chart shows day and week Persons Pivots
Hourly DPO and Mobo Bearish
PPS Bearish

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