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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Market Recap:

DDF did well today. The forks predicted the turn. Let's see if the favored Bear Fork holds.
The candle sticks are showing a great amount of indecision. Two days ago we had a Black Doji and today's Black Harami leaves the Bulls vulnerable to a Bearish Reversal. A Black Candle confirmation will be required tomorrow, but the candle sticks currently indicate holding long as the best choice.Daily Kagi Chart

E-mini with The Oracle of Delphi and MoneySpy
The Ichimoku is breaking below the Hourly Kumo
The Daily mini shows Price inside the Kumo
with a Bearish Cross

13:00 EST
Even if Fibonacci is not important to you I'm certain you will enjoy this!
Dreaming In Numbers

So far Price has continued to follow the Favored Bear Fork. Should this continue the day will close with a Black Candle. This would create a possible Bearish Reversal which would once again require confirmation.

10:30 EST

Did you know that a yellow DDF mean Neutral? Did anyone see what I said earlier?

DDF has a Neutral bias today with limits of
1164 to 1172 and a central pivot of 1168.
A closer view of the DDF

I favor the blue fork but a second posibility would be the larger gray fork.
I also favor the heavy red fork from March 2009 but the lower thinner peach fork may be correct.
I'm getting that we may rally to 1177, hit the Blue Fork and turn back down, but it's just too early to tell.

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