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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Market Recap:
DDF correctly forecast a Bearish Bias.
The forks have shown us for days where this market is going. Keep an eye on the forks!
The Linear Regression Channels and PPS are in support of Andrew's Pitchforks.
Candle Sticks have been short, and today's Black Marubozo is a strong indication that it's not over.

The market is a bit over sold but it kept going up on over bought conditions so now it's the Bear's turn.

The heavy support area between 1085 and 1110 has been broken. There are a couple of major lows at 1040 and 1065 to push through now. Ichimoku is Bearish and those previous Kumo supports are now resistance.

The Daily Kagi Chart shows a Bearish picture with 1150 as a reversal.

10:45 EST

DDF has a Bearish Bias

We have arrived at the Mother of all support!

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