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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Appology and request for help

I want to thank those who helped me this morning by sending their screen captures.
Once again I apologize to those who read my rant.

I do wish there were more interaction on this blog. I write every day, and I share timely updates throughout the day. This blog stands alone in its methods, and I believe it has value.

But I feel like I'm talking to myself. I can tell by my traffic reports that I have a solid base of readers, and I wish that once in a while someone would offer an opinion, advise or share something.

// ______________________________________________ //

OK anger is not going to get me anywhere. You come here breeze over my work and find some bottom line conclusion not really understanding, caring about, or taking a second look at my work. Good enough; this after all is just another free Blog.

If you were offended I'm sorry.

Now I need your help. I have no other source for Ichimoku charts. I can only believe what my software shows me. But it has become obvious that my ThinkOrSwim platform became corrupt. and at this point I don't trust it.

I wonder if you would please be so kind as to send me a screen capture of what the hourly SPX Ichimoku looks like on your system.

If you use something other than TOS it may be even more helpful as it may just be that TOS is broken.

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  1. Although TOS is "my favorite", the control has fallen into the hands of the enemy --- humongous bank and broker HBB for short. The banksters.

    I need to bone up on my Interactive brokers account.


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