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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Market recap:

I'm exhausted but I wanted to comment on this significant day which closed with a Doji right on the trend line. Two days ago I said 1118. the peak was 1118.74.
Bears need confirmation from a black candle tomorrow.

Watch the forks and pivots

13:25 ET

13:00 ET

Need I say more?

Nice blow off volume on the minis too
11:36 ET
So far the forks are providing precise resistance levels. If the green fork is violated the Bears had better run for the hills.

I'm switching my ISP today so I may not be around. We will see how smoothly that goes.

The Oracle of Delphi is bearish on an hourly chart but the daily chart is still going strong.
MoneySpy appears to be indicating a peak, but again the daily is strong.
The bears need to bring the market below the magenta Persons Pivot and take Price into the lower half of the cyan fork.

10:30 et

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