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Monday, August 23, 2010


Market recap:
Daily Ichimoku Chart

Weekly Ichimoku Chart

Price is following the forks very nicely
So long as Price remains under 1074 the trend will remain bearish.
A breach of 1073 may allow Price to test 1003.
(Analysis for 1073 stop is not shown here. Adjust your fork to see it)
I'm hoping the Bears can hold Price below the 2009 fork which has a range of 1072.30 to 1074.00 tomorrow

This is a Fibonacci study showing likely points of reversal.
Until the larger green fork is broken or
if 1074 is broken tomorrow,
my analysis is Short and Long Term Bearish

// End of recap for 2010.08.24 //

Officially it's still Monday 19:52 ET but I'm not going to be able to post very much tomorrow so here's what the e-Mini looks like right now. The thing I wish to point out is how close it's coming to the Mar 2009 fork.

As long as the green fork holds the trend, then it's going to happen. Otherwise we will test the larger forks again

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