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Thursday, December 2, 2010


14:00 ET
Not a true sell signal, but my indicators are finding some weakness in the immediate market.
But like I've been saying for quite a long time, the major trend is up till the forks are broken.

Smoothy shows a stall
Cruiser and HisNobs continue to show a loss of inertia

MoneySpy is feeling Bearish

13:15 ET
Hisnobs is indicating a slight loss of inertia,
Cruiser still has a Bullish momentum but it too is showing a slight weakness (red dot) in the inertia.
MarketTell is Bullish
Smoothy Bullish & no sign of a stall
TreTiOsc both modes Bullish but
Scalper Mode is showing weakness
DerivativeOscillator Bullish

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