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Friday, January 14, 2011


14:30 ET

The method used to predict this range was pretty simple.   The lower limit was a given.  A Price gap and several Chikou Span points give this level significance.  The upper limit was evident from the Andrews Pitchforks.  The chart below shows that meeting of several forks.  

13:40 ET
Time to stop fooling with the experimental stuff and get down to business.  Indications are that this break out from my predicted range may have legs. If Price should return to the shaded area of the range I would then look for a target close to  the bottom of the range near 1274.  Otherwise 1289 is the next target price.

11:16 ET

10:35 ET

The market remains within the predicted range.
I'm still experimenting with Phase Angles and On Balance Volume. ObiWan is my latest study using what I've learned so far.

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