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Monday, January 3, 2011


02:36 ET
As you probably know I enjoy writing indicators.
Here is the latest simply called KumoBob's Analysis. To put my name on this one should indicate how strongly I feel about the indicator which colors the price bars with 5 colors depending on the analysis.

It's one of my best and when used with the Andrews Pitchforks and PPS, a complete analysis is easy to see.

Currently we are in a strong Bearish movement on the one hour chart.  See, it says so, and so it is!

Having just reached the 75% tine of the fork from November, we can expect Price to gravitate toward the handle once again.  Breaking Chikou Spans, and dropping into the bottom half  of the fork would be even more Bearish, but I'm still with the Bulls until the forks turn down.

Here are some more time frames:

ToS might stand for "Terms of service"  others believe it stands for "TubOfShit"

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