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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Friday 02:35

At some point this White Fork is likely to become wider. This is just an idea I'm looking at to see how the fork will be redrawn.

This High Wave formed a Bullish Harami. Confirmation of a reversal would be a long White with a close above today's close.

The market has become quite interesting. This is the tipping point. I'm guessing today was just a test of the the 200 DMA, and 2009 trend line. But with fundamentals being what they are, buying the dips is probably not such a good idea anymore.


Confirming spike in the VIX

This appears to be a bottom.
There is a lot going on here.  200 DMA, Forks, Horizontal Support, Fibs
The volume spiked but not like I expected so it may take one more run at the lows, but I'm not that greedy.
The internals began to strengthen quickly at this 15 min tail.


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