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Thursday, September 29, 2011



Some days come so easily and other ... well those are where we learn more.

Here's a daily chart.  I'm getting a buy signal from the percent change and there appears to be some crossings at 1176 level which make me wonder if the Bulls will rally to that level or even higher.  

This  could go either way, but the gray fork is still my preference.

I've drawn two downward forks and each indicates this level is significant. But it will be important to watch this area as a breakout may change the game quickly


1139 will support price.  Expect a bounce to just below the Key


Bulls held the 1152 line for now. Looks like they will test the 20 DMA before the Bears take take it back. 1152 is critical.


1152.25 = key support. Watch the A/D if it breaks

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