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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Above is a series of orders.  Starting at the bottom I sold and bought back at 7 tick loss.  Then I bought and sold. for a 1 tick gain.

Now here's the crazy fucked part.  It would not fill. So I entered another sell order and another and then another.  Now I'm 3 contracts short and my god damn screen still shows I'm long 1.  So I make a phone call and dick around with the automated system and finally get a person.  He tells me I'm fucked and short 3.

ThinkorSwim - What a piece of crap !  Officially TUB OF SHIT!

TDA is trying to blame it on a reconnect  problem on my side.  Well there is obviously no connection problem.  they accepted my orders to sell just fine.  Why the fuck would I keep selling into a soaring move?
Well it's because Tub Of SHIT did not confirm my orders and showed my position as Long 1 contract.

This used to have a positive number of about $120

So I said are you going to make it right?
They said no and you can bet they will even charge me the fuckin commission!

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