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Monday, November 7, 2011


The market was too strong and missed the opportunity to sink back through the opening in the clouds. But I see a very good possibility of a pull back from 1275 to either 1260 or 1245 before peaking at 1296.

I have targeted 1296 because the forks look out of balance and 1296 is a heavy resistance level .  The symmetry is of the fork from 10/27/2011 looks much better after changing the top tine to 1296.  And all the forks fall back into balance.

Looks like a break in the clouds.
I'm not totally clear about where the market will close, but it appears that 1257 and 1241 are the key levels for the short term.  I'm still reenforcing my alliance at the peaks with the Bears, because the treasures below run deeper than above.  The floor is going to crack and  it's going to be a fast and relentless fall.

But if you are a Bear and we push through 1257, be prepared to endure some intense pain as 1296 is the next resistance level of any consequence.

BTW if you like science as I do, be sure to look at the link I mentioned in the previous post. I never understood time, space, gravity and dark matter until watching this Nova. I just finished reading an article in Discovery about Dark Matter which you may also wish to read.   This stuff is so interesting and really exercises your brain.

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