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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Judge Marc Barron deserves jail time

Judge Marc Barron and the the West Bloomfield Police Department, who claim to be one of the finest police departments are both dumb as the stinky business from the rear of your dog!.

Julian Wendrow was WRONGLY accused of sexual abuse by the entire system.  Police,  justice and prosecuting attorneys are at fault, and should be held liable, and prosecuted for their actions.  Serious jail time should be given to the head of each of these departments, and especially Judge Marc Barron who refused to show any intelligence .

This entire investigation, and court was a complete shame.  I feel these people are not  dumb, but instead went out of their way to destroy a loving family. 

One has to ask what was their motive?  I'm guessing it was the sensationalism that the press gave them.

It's just one more case of power going to the heads of the people we trust.  I have lost faith in the system.  While I was a fire fighter,  I personally witnessed attacks by police upon innocent people.  These stories continue to come forth recently with Occupy Wall Street protests, and it's is obvious that the corruption, and evil intent runs very deep.

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