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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This area has been my target for quite awhile.  At times it did not look possible but here we are.
Several specific levels have been mentioned.  1268, 1290 and 1310.
These highlighted areas are the first hour and the last 30 minutes

Price is now in the lower half of 4 upward forks.
Currently approaching two strong trend lines form  2007 and May 2011.
Will the the forks break one after the other in a rapid succession when the stops are hit?

It may be best to wait for further confirmation, rather then take a stand in front of a swift moving market, but I've been saying the peak would be in this area and 1290 appears to be the more likely.

There will be pauses on the way down, but I expect a H&S target of about 777 when it drops.

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