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Monday, December 3, 2012


My thanks to the one person who found time to click on 'helpful'

OK so where do we stand?  Oh shit I asked a question!  Don't worry it's rhetorical.

1368 S&P futures is the area where the shit hits the fan.  1440 area must be held by the bears otherwise the 1490-1520 area will be the target.

So we stand in the middle.  I know these are wide ranges.  But I used to update this blog several times a day with predictions down to the TICK and nobody seemed to give a fuck.  So this is all I'm into now days.

It still annoys me that I give you my forecast, and with amazing coincident it happens but none of my readers have the time to say good job.  Look back over the last few posts.  Did I waver?  Was I within appoxamate values and did I forecast these number while the market was heading the other direction?

Don't worry it's rhetorical.   I don't expect nor do I really want a response form you anymore.

But if someone where ever to show me their forks, I'd probably be nice.

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