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Friday, May 24, 2013

Jerome aka Mel

Mel aka Jerome Hickerson passed away yesterday due to stage 4B, nodular melanoma, diagnosed in March of 2011.
Jerome lived several years longer than his doctors had thought he would.  He traded and provided us with market analysis and unique charts everyday even though he suffered unimaginable pain and spent a lot of time receiving chemo.  He said  maintaining his daily routine was what kept him live.

Jerome's last email to me just four days before this last breath.
Hello. My care has been turned over to hospice. I'm doing my best to hang in there. I do not get out of bed nor move around But Neither do I give up. I do believe that I have another Another recovery trip coming. I continue to surprise myself each time I go down and recover again.

I continue to receive excellent care. Thank you for writing and please keep in touch.


I believe Jerome was able to die at home as he wished.  His family has been at his side providing at great deal of love and care.  For more information:

My heart goes out to those he left behind.

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