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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is a chart of the real estate market as traded on the NYSE.  Volume either supports or rejects the move.  Notice Volume increased during the period of Green Arrows.  This shows support of the Bear market move.  Then volume decreased as the market turned Bullish in 2009.  This shows less support of the upward move. 

My technical analysis also uses Andrews Pitchforks.  These are the Green, Yellow.Gray and Red parallel lines.  Notice how the market respects the confines of these lines until it makes a major change of direction.  The dashed line in the center is called the handle.  Notice that the patterns seem to fill one side either above or below the handle then the other.  Crossing the handle generally results in that side being the area where the market will trade.  As you can see the market is crossing the Yellow handle now and has just kissed the top of the Red Fork.  The Yellow oval is my first intermediate target zone.  According to the forks,  future real estate values should continue to range ever downward within the confines of the Red Fork

The horizontal line on the right show Volume for that Price Range rather than Volume for each Time Period as in the lower section of the chart.  Support and Resistance is found at areas of low volume.  57.87 is a low volume as is the target.  I'm expecting value to fall to the lower support (Purple Arrow) based on the Andrews Pitchfork.  If Volume picks up, this will be a confirmation of this trend.

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