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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I did not expect the lower end of the purple area to be broken, but the sell points held.  We seem to be in a struggle between these two forks.  My guess is we will slip into the lower red fork and break out of the blue fork.

2040 is looking quite possible at this point.  I think it best to wait for full conformation before declaring the Bull run over.  

I was looking at Permabear and Tony Caldaro's charts and see some really interesting possibilities.
You may also want to entertain the charts Dan has been drawing.   Each makes a compelling case for the long term. 

I always thought the market reflected the economy, but it's become clear that the economy has little to do with the market any longer.  Corporations have gained so much control over us that they will continue to feed off the lower and middle class until there is nothing left.  It's all about their greed.   There was a time when people mattered, but these blood suckers don't even care enough to leave us alive.  They will continue to suck the money out of everyone till they bleed us dry.  Profit will go ever onward till there is no more.

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