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Friday, June 29, 2018

29 June 2018

As mentioned on my 21 June post, I expect 2 July to be a day of interest.  Marked by the green vertical line.  It appears that this is a Wave [2] correction.  So I'm not concerned with a wave 1 wave 4 overlap. 
This is an approximation of what can be expected over the next few years as the Cycle Wave a continues to unfold.
The Bullish count shown below also looks very likely so I'm still leaving my mind open to a bullish count.  There are small discrepancies in the Bearish count.  I like the way each wave of the wedge can be counted in three waves.  Hopefully next week will finally resolve the question of Bull or Bear. Wave E does not have to complete the wedge so look for a final three count for Wave E.  It will probably fit inside the white Andrews Pitchfork.

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