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Friday, December 7, 2018

7 December 2018

The lack of interest here has left me less willing to share my analysis, although I have been sharing on Facebook. But considering the move I believe we are about to experience I thought I would document what I'm seeing in the charts.
I have muted the color of Minuette (ii) because it may SubMinuette (A) in which case we would still be looking for  SubMinuette (B) and SubMinuette (C). Probably creating a Flat ABC for Minuette (ii) ending in about a week from now.
The important thing to notice is the convergence of the Andrews Pitchforks from 1933, and 2009 with the Fibonacci projections of
Minute (iii) =  Minute(i)
Minuette (iii) = 1.38% of Minuette(i)
Indicating a swift decent to the bottom of the Green Andrew Pitchfork (near 2450)
My technique of finding turning points via triangle apexes has been working out quite well. Right now I see a date either side of Christmas and the end of January of beginning or February as likely turning points. Which direction is not indicated, just a likely time of reversal.
Once we break below 2620 a mildly devastating Wave iii should begin. Yes I did say mildly devastating.  This is only the beginning.

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