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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I found a rule that negates my Expanding Triangle for wave ii. The rule says " The maximum time for wave 2 is nine times Wave 1"

But I saw a chart on Daneric's site that makes good sense an happens to end right where I would have expected. I've recreated it above.
The difference will be that we are now looking for three waves instead of five.

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  1. Bob,

    Thank you for the comments on my blog much appreciate the traffic. If you are counting this as an expanding triangle then you are counting Minor Wave B and there remains to be more upside.

    On the rule that Wave 2 is nine times Wave 1, I don't see this rule posted anywhere in EWP. Where did you come about this rule?

  2. CyclePro has an EW Rules doc. This is where I found that rule.

    About the Minor B wave... I'm outside the common belief. I see this as wave C of the 4th wave of P1. I'm still looking for P2 next year.

    But nobody really knows and there are too many good theories so I try to concentrate on the near term.

  3. hey bob you are doing very good work with your analysis and i hope your last comment about P2 beginning next year is right as it fits my long-term cycles to a T. based on your analysis, my cycles would suggest that P2 would begin about april 13 and last 15 months. It almost looks to simple.

  4. Ohunt, You interest me. Please share your charts!

  5. Bob, I'm in the camp of this being P2 already as I think Intermediate 4 of Primary 1 has taken too much time. It just doesn't feel right for this to be Intermediate 4 of Primary 1 to me. Well the general direction is the same in either of our counts.


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