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Friday, December 11, 2009


12:51 PST

Daily, Hourly, M30, M1 charts. If the Bears want to keep the lead they better do it soon.

I have to go so I'm not going to go into a full analysis of these charts. Basically you can see the Support and no resistance. The Bearish forks are being challenged.

Red bars in the TTM trend with a down arrow o n the M1

MoneySpy is Bearish on the M60 and the M30.

I'll add some new charts and comments this weekend.

Pressure continues to build. volatility lays ahead. If the Bears are lucky the move will pass through the weak area of the Kumo.

10:46 PSTMy gray downward forecast fork is holding. A long way remains before we break the blue fork.
Added little green fork this morning.

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