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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Follow the Fork!
I want all you Bears to sleep well tonight.

15:50 PST

It's looking like 1120 may be our next target. First chart is worst case. Second is what I'm expecting.

11:20 PST

Thanks to Cooper C. we now have the correct /ESH0 chart up.
The Euro continues to build pressure.

I've drawn this downward fork with the center line in mind.

09:15 PST
I appears that the Euro is about to make a volatile move. The signals are somewhat mixed but the Pitchfork and the Kumo indicate to me that it will most likely be down.

07:15 PST

First chart is the /ES. Price continues to be fickle. Which fork will it choose?
Second Chart is the SPX. A new fork has been established.
In each chart the Kumo has held the advance.
The range remains

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