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Monday, December 14, 2009


I have created a new Blog called SHARE-TOS, where I will post my TOS Studies.

My plan is to make it a PRIVATE BLOG, and give All members Author Privilege.

This will allow members to post their scripts - each under it's own Title.
Comments about that study can then be continued under that Title.

So I hope you will join now whether it be as an accomplished programmer or a novice who simply wishes to lurk, learn and grab some cool scripts.

I want to keep it fun, with absolutely no requirements to post.
I hope we can help each other, and bring new ideas forward.
Even if you know nothing about writing scripts you are welcome!
I'm also open to taking requests.

Subscribe now by sending an e-mail to me at

Here's a handy little study that I wrote today. It's running in the four sub-charts.
The first is SPX and FAS.
Next is ORCL and DIS.
Third is FAS and FAZ.
The symbol can also be inverted so that FAZ & FAZ follow each other as in the last sub-chart

# Compare_Symbols
# KumoBob
# 14,Dec 2009

# Begin
declare lower;

input Adjust_Scale = No;
input Flip_2nd_Chart = No;
Input Symbol_1 = "FAZ";
Input Symbol_2 = "FAS";

def Ratio = first(close(Symbol_1)) / first(close(Symbol_2));
def S2_Scaled = if Adjust_Scale then (close(Symbol_2)) * ratio else (close(Symbol_2));
def offset = first(close(Symbol_1)) - first(close(Symbol_2));
def flip = if Flip_2nd_Chart then -1 else 1;
def flipper = first(close(Symbol_1)) + first(close(Symbol_2));

plot s1 = close(Symbol_1);
plot s2 = if
Flip_2nd_Chart AND Adjust_Scale then
(close(Symbol_2) * flip * ratio + flipper) + offset
if Flip_2nd_Chart then
close(Symbol_2) * flip
if Adjust_Scale then
close(Symbol_2) * ratio

# end

This shows a new option just added to the above code. If you like the cloud I'll be posting the solution on Share-TOS. Now you have one more reason for joining

Analysis presented on this Blog has only informational, and educational purpose, and does not represent a proposal for buying or selling currency contracts.

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