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Friday, January 22, 2010



12:35 PST

Still hoping for a bounce in order to add shorts, but 1106 appears more likely.

12:15 PST

I trust the black fork and expect a bounce back to 1120. But I'll admit I'm holding my shorts.
1094 is a critical level.

08:35 PST

I've adjusted the Red fork on the EUR/USD, but as you can see it's not a concern at the moment. The Magenta fork continues to hold.

We bounced abruptly off the 1.4086 level which I indicated yesterday had very strong support. That support remains. We have resistance above at 1.4173 from the M60 Kumo but it's not especially strong. There is a good possibility that Price may work it's way up to about 1.4221 before making another attempt to break 1.4086

08:06 PST

DDF is Bearish and as you can see the expected trading range is 1104.89 - 1115.5.
The shaded areas are the Persons Pivots.

MoneySpy, PPS, and Woodies CCI all remain in a Bearish trend on both the Daily and the Hourly charts.
The next three charts are SPX

07:08 PST
The Cyan fork does not look right to me. I've drawn a forecast fork (black) that balances better on the center line.

06:40 PST
We should bounce off the bottom of this fork


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