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Thursday, January 21, 2010


13:00 PST

Index Value
Day's Close 1,116.5
Previous Close 1,138.0
Previous Open 1,148.0
Change -21.560
% Change -1.89%
Volume -
Index Activity
Day's Open 1,138.7
Day's High 1,141.6
Day's Low 1,114.8
20-Day Close M.A. 1,133.6
50-Day Close M.A. 1,114.5
65-Day Volume M.A. 1,776,284,689

Here is the /ES

Here's a historic look at how the Persons Pivots have predicted next weeks range.

A closer view

A closer view with Woodie's Pivots

11:50 PST

Pure conjecture, but I'm still not satisfied with the Black Fork. I'm thinking the Blue fork may work but we will have too wait till next week to find out.

The red dot is my target for tomorrow.

11:00 PST
EUR/USD Monthly Chart. The top if the Kumo is 1.3661

There is serious support at 1.4086 but we should be able to break it and the downside is large.

10:15 PST
Still on track. I've been working on the colors in order to make my composite charts more clear.
The black lines are the Woodies Pivots. They no longer have a cloud like the Persons Pivots. The red, green and yellow dots which are generated at 10:30 EST (07:30 PST) indicate the trend's bias for the day. Red is Bearish, Green is Bullish, and Yellow is Neutral. The width of the bar created by the dots is the expected daily range. Breaking the upper limit is Bullish and breaking the Lower limit is bearish.

I have also redrawn the pitchfork.

08:15 PST
The pitchfork previously shown was a forecast fork. I've made what appears to be the correct adjustment. Notice that we are currently right on the Daily Persons Pivot Low.

08:00 PST
The bias is bearish today. Expected range is 1127.38 1141.58. Having already broken below that range makes this even more bearish. The second chart shows Woodies Pivots with a wider range, and the third chart shows the Persons Pivots.

The Andrews Pitchfork is showing the trend.

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  1. Bob what about spx? Broke lower to week limit.
    What is next target?
    Alex G.

  2. Well it's a pivot point and my experience is that the price will be attracted back to the pivot. I was curious to see what has happened historically so I posted a chart of the weekly forecast since before the March low.

    Since next weeks limits are continuously being recalculated until the close on Friday it still in a state of flux but it would be the best guide. It appears the next week is somewhat bearish. By Friday's close we will have the final numbers.


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