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Saturday, March 6, 2010


OK this is off topic, but I thought it was rather interesting.
Here is what I learned from

"Complementary" vs. "Complimentary"

This is a didactic entry but it is really getting on my nerves how often people confuse “complimentary” and “complementary.”

If I say nice things about you, then I am giving you a compliment and so I am being complimentary (note the “i” in the middle). If you and I have different skills that make us work together in a more complete way than we could do individually, we complement each other. So we are complementary (note the “e” in the middle). See “complimentary” and “complementary” at Merriam-Webster for more information.

The version to use when you mean that something is free is “complimentary.”

So if the wet bar in your hotel is complementary it's a complement to the room. If it's complimentary it's free for you to use. Wow, who would notice!


Only the SOAP indicator is Bearish here. The Andrews Pitchfork continues to lead Price higher. Until the lower tine is broken, we can expect higher Prices.

These are regular candle sticks with Heikin Colors. Even they are Bullish.

Since the Bullish Reversal in July the P&F chart has had four more Breakouts. 1150 would be a double top and 1160 would be a fifth breakout.

The Bears need 1040 to create a Bearish Reversal.

The Bears lost their opportunity for a Candlestick reversal, and now a White Opening Marubozu threatens to continue the Bullish trend. The top shadow leaves the door open but it would take a Bearish Dark Cloud Cover pattern to create a reversal. To do this Price would need to break Friday's high and then close below 1132.

The Ichimoku is Bullish but the Bullish cross remains below the Kumo. This leaves some chance of a reversal.
The Renko Chart Continues to move along a Bullish trend.
The Kagi Chart is also showing a Bullish trend an would require a drop below the 1116 level to make a reversal.

Good luck Elliott, You are going to need it.

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