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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


13:00 EST
Davids Near term charts are showing a bounce off the Persons Pivot for the /ESH0 and a game of Pivot Pong on the /YMH0

12:25 EST

It seemed obvious this morning that DDF was Bullish, so I did not post anything. /ES is beginning to fail, but keep an eye on the Pivots. 1140 and 1132 remain sticky support.

The Volume Profile is showing heavy resistance at 1147 area.

Price has slipped below the Bullish Ichimoku cross, and a weakness in the hourly Kumo may permit passage to the Bears later in the day near the close.

My HAC Study is Bearish as is PPS
MoneySpy remains Bullish but it's showing a peak has been made.

FW studies are Bearish, but the 20MA must hold and Pivots must be broken.
There is a good breakdown on the MOBO and the DPO_MOBO. SOAP is a bit over sold.

Price has yet to break the Bullish Forks.

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