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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


2:00 EST

23:58 EST

This is David Elliott's MOBO. The charts are Daily Hourly and a Close up hourly. It's fractal. Do you see the significant beauty of this indicator?

If you don't know about MOBO, send an e-mail, and I will tell you how to add it, and how to use it with TOS.

KumoBob (AT) (AT) is an "@" symbol. Helps me from landing on one more spam list

14:13 EST

There are two clouds shown in the next two charts below. The MOBO is red and green. The other is the Kumo. (MOBO = Momentum Break OutRef. MOBO CD from )
/ES is having trouble getting below the Persons Pivot. Bears need to take it down past 1135.
The EUR/USD is close to making a breakdown but it's stuck between several Kumos. It could just as well break to the upside if the Bears can't manage to break 1.3585. Both markets are in a strategic battle.

10:34 EST
DDF is indicating a Bullish Bias for today.

Ichimoku is Bullish
PPS is Bullish
MoneySpy is slightly Bearish
A close below yesterday's Low would be a Candle Stick sell signal.
The Pivots are in a narrow range, but holding.

It seems that it would not take much to send it the market either way. We will have to keep an eye on the Andrews Pitchfork The bottom tine is at about 1130. Breaking this level would send a lot of other indicators into a Bearish mode too.

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