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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Market recap:
Today's Black Candle Stick creates the potential for a Bearish Reversal. The Bears need a Black Candle Stick to confirm the reversal, but I'm still expecting Price to find it's way up to the top green tine around 1105.

The after hours market has the minis in an upward fork, and it looks to me like the target will be the green tine and the indicators appear to be ready to support that move.

Back at ya Bullwinkle. It's no Harami, but I like that shadow. I'll be back later with a market recap.

15: 15 EST
I need to get my eyes fixed. Looks like the forks converge on Thursday near 1095. I'd still like to see a Harami on the day

15 : 00 EST
I expected Price to reach 1095 near the close, but my indicators are telling me the market has begun to weaken.
It may be an interesting last hour... I sure would like to see a close below 1075 for the Bears.

10:30 EST

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