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Monday, August 30, 2010


Market recap:

Someone rated my morning post as useless. Thanks I agree, but hey when your charts are obviously screwed and the software crashes within minutes of a reboot what else is there.

I'm getting that many of you are lucky enough to be using other software. I asked for input on what you like and as usual I got no reply. I guess that means you hate your software as much as I hated mine today.

Well TOS seems to be patching it back together so rather than spending the effort to find something new, I'll hang in there with TOS. I think they got an earful today from the 150,000 users they dropped this beta test on.

Today's candle has the slightest shadow, but I'll call it a Black Closing Marubozu.
A Black Closing Marubozu. has a 54% chance of a bearish continuation or 52% chance of Bullish continuation depending on how you personally view the trend. I see it a Bearish trend, but the White Candle from yesterday may lead others to say Bullish.

Either way the odds don't stack all that heavily either way, do they?

I'd prefer to base my analysis on the forks which are a bit of a guess, but still the Cyan fork appears quite satisfied. The yellow fork, a little less confident but if my bounces work out over night I'll be more certain of it's correct positioning.

Of course if I wake to even lower prices I'll be happy with that too. Bottom Line is I expect the market to tank soon. The forks are showing a strong downward bias. Of course nothing is certain and if the cyan fork is broken then the table turns.

It's certainly been a day for us TOS users. 1714 will be remembered for a long time.

// End of Market recap for 2010.08.30 //

I'm sorry but I'm left with little else to do while waiting for ThinkOrSwim to even acknowledge that there is a problem. One good thing about ThinkOrSwim is that they have more Beta testers than most software companies. Right now it's up to about 150,000. I wonder how many will be around tomorrow...

J B TOS Support: "News of what happened has not yet reached me. Thank you all for hanging in there"

Right on top of this mess aren't they?

Here's another example. Sorry about the resolution but the MOBO is supposed to follow the the Price.
Now you know why I'm down today!

Sorry folks. Same old business. ThinkOrSwim has shut me down.
Don't bother calling tech support. They are giving lip service today.

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