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Sunday, August 29, 2010


ThinkOrSwim has run through my setup like a hurricane. I feel like I'm standing waist deep in polluted water, looking at devastation, and FEMA is nowhere to be found.

I was able to get a chart up today, and I'm getting that this market has more tenacity than I gave it credit for. Here is a chart with the old forks drawn with Blue and what I now see as a likely course for the market.

Bottom line is 1040 has become the battle ground and 1080 to 1180 may be the next target.  We will have to see what the e-mini does today.  Until 1040 area is broken I see a bullish trend.

I'm exhausted from the labor involved with getting my charts and indicators back together.  ThinkOrSwim has taken the fun of out charting. I may take a break from this for awhile. 

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