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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


15:15 ET

Below are the lines that will influence the market

14:45 ET

Fibonacci Ratios
Isn't this beautiful?

13:45 ET

Usually I'm willing to study charts and concepts I'm not familiar with, but last night I was too tired to get involved with anything serious and only wanted to relax and see what some other blogs were saying. But I kept finding charts and TA I was not familiar with. What I noticed is that if the chart did not speak to me quickly I wanted to move on.

To me my charts can be deciphered at a glance. I often feel I'm writing about the obvious, but I can see how this chart could be overwhelming to those who have not taken the time to study my charts.

I hope this helps to clear it up. The trick is determining which path our lost soul will follow and how much strength he has to traverse the various obstacles and which pathway he is likely to follow.

09:37 ET
1097 Fibonacci

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