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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Mind Over Money
hour long video -
Can markets be rational when humans aren't? $$

Market Recap:
Today's black Spinning Top is a yet another sign of indecision and while it did not confirm the Bullish pattern from yesterday's White candle it has not extinguish the possible Bullish reversal which requires confirmation from a second Long White Candle.

The Forks are also showing the indecision as Price is squeezed in between the Kumos, moving averages, forks, and trend lines. The Squeeze indicator is not showing pressure build up but every TA is looking at this and knows it's going to be a house of cards once support is broken.

There may be one last pitch for a rally from the Bulls, but that excitement is sure to fade once those longs positions begin to take profit.

Sorry about the editorial, I guess that Nova video left me with a sense of how fragile the market has become. It's quite a good video, I hope you will take time to watch it.

My indicators are turning bearish.

Did I call that bounce or what?

// end of market recap 2010.08.10 //

15:15 ET

15:00 ET

14:15 ET
Mind Over Money - Good Nova program

Fibonacci Financial - GPS for the SPX
Where even the pot holes are shown.

13:15 ET

12:00 ET
I drew you a map.
Fibonacci Financial - GPS for the SPX

11:00 ET
DDF and forks to watch

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