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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Market recap:
Today left us with three Bearish reversals.
The Black Candlestick was Engulfing and it left a Bearish Evening Star.
Confirmation is required as usual by closing below today's close with a Black Candlestick.

Looks like the forks are on target, and my confidence has returned to high.

// end of recap for 2010.08.19 //

21:45 ET
Looking for a bounce off 1061 back up to the top green tine
Why does KumoBob think there will be a bounce?

Look at the congestion down there at the bottom of the Kumo.

12:00 ET
Dropping through the Fibs
pausing at a Woody

Here's a vwap chart.
My thanks to ThinkScripter for the basic code which I just finished putting the frosting on.

11:00 Just to be clear. a break below 1075 will beget 1165.

10:00 ET
Price has broken slightly through the bottom of the dark green fork and is at the bottom of the cyan fork. I expect this cyan fork will show the markets path for today.
A retest of the green fork's handle and possibly the upper tine is likely to occur.
A peak at either 1095 or 1108 on Friday would fit my perfect model. 1095 being the favored level.
This green fork appears to need an adjustment.

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