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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


13:50 ET
Since this is a critical juncture I'll post this minute chart.

13:35 ET

According to CandleStick Theory we will have a Bullish Reversal if today closes above today's open which was 1142.31. Today's range has been over that point and bounced off it twice.

DDF has a negative bias and the Blue fork has a good chance of pushing price down.
My indicators are mixed but the Hourly Market's Tell , and MoneySpy are Bullish. Maybe that means one last push to the top of the Blue fork.

Currently Price is near the top of the MOBO, which is red.
In conclusion it could go either way but the Tell will be whether it breaks the Blue Fork.

The Orange Fork and many others have been removed from this next chart for clarity.
If the Blue fork is violated 1158 will be the target.
Keep 1122.50 in your head as a critical level that may prove stubborn.

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