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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Weekly indicators

ThinkOrSwim Crashed on me today and
during my effort to backup and restore my indicators I came across these.
Here's BattleScott and WingNut.

Today's Bearish Harami opens the door for the Bears to regain control.
Tomorrow will need to confirm that pattern.
My short term indicators are Bullish,
but the longer term indicators are still showing market weakness.

The Fibonacci Ratios put 1158 or 1175 on the radar.
There is no reason we would have to touch the 2007 fork again,
but 1175 area is right about where I have that fork.

In these charts above & below, you can see it (pink).
1175 is also a Chikou-Span as noted by the gray dashes.


These parallel forks are slightly unusual.

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