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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disturbing Error

Thank you for participating in my poll.

According to the spreadsheet I built using Yahoo Financial Daily data of the DJI
The correct answer for 4 days up or down in a row occurred 12% of the time
during the past 20,000 days.

6.58% - 4 in a row days (Close to Close) were Up
5.17% - 4 in a row (Close to Close) were Down
11.75% of the time.

But now for the bad news. I have been examining the data provided by Yahoo Financial.

Comparing the data from ToS on top and Yahoo below here are the errors
10/7/10 High and Low
10/6/10 High and Low
10/5/10 Open and High

That's three days in a row The closing data seems to more accurate, but I was overcome with disappointment.
I have checked ToS data against other sources and they all agree

Yahoo Financial is the odd one out, and Yahoo is unreachable.
Attempts to reach Yahoo Financial end up linking to AT&T sales. AT&T has not responded.

Once again - Free and worth every penny
Except for this Blog!

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